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We are facing a global climate crisis. Our world is changing and so must we, whether we like it or not. We must transition to cleaner fuels and rethink how we move around our towns, cities, and countries to have less of an impact on the environment, whilst still providing accessibility for all.

New mobility tech could help us reduce our environmental impact, improve road and city safety, and make how we get around in our daily lives more sustainable. 

We canfire up an app andhail a ride to take us into town, where we can use another platform to rent anescooter or bicycle for the last mile of our trip.  We’re spoiled for choice right now and the mobility tech world is only going to get bigger and offer more .

To help us navigate this changing landscape, we’re proudly launching SHIFT, an online magazine dedicated to going “under the hood” on the fast-changing world of mobility tech. 

We’re finally seeing the fossil fuel reliant automotive industry wave goodbye to the filthy energy sources of old, and put in the work to transition to greener drivetrains and make alternative fuel sources a common sight on our roads . There’s also a host of companies working to usher in aself-driving and autonomous vehicle revolution, which is facing its own set of safety and regulatory challenges that we need to be aware of.

It’s an incredibly exciting time ahead, and we want you to join us for the ride into the future. 

We want to shine a light on the world of mobility tech to help you understand the inner workings of gig economy transport, ebikes, escooters, self-driving and autonomous cars, and how old-school automakers are evolving to offer thecars of tomorrow. We also want to hold companies attempting to “disrupt” and “change the world” accountable , and critically follow up on their promises. 

In the US, 7% of vehicles are expected to be powered by electricity by 2030; while there is a transition to green transport taking place, we want it to happen faster. 

With EVs only making up a tiny fraction of the cars on our roads today, many of us still don’t really understand them. But we want to help by answering the questions we all have on topics like: how do EVs work, how do we charge and maintain them, and what does all thenew terminology that comes with them actually mean?

But we’ll also be following developments into alternative fuels like hydrogen and how public transport is changing to support a greener future. 

We’re not doing this all on our own, though. To launch SHIFT and get it firing on all cylinders — or should that be charging on all volts? — we’re proud to tell you that we’ve teamed up with the new electric vehicle maker from Sweden that everyone in the industry is talking about at the moment — Polestar. 

Credit: Polestar
The Polestar 2 has recently started shipping around Europe and is expected to have real world range of about 270 miles (440 km), derived from a 78kWh battery.

You might have heard the name be associated with another Swedish carmaker, but Polestar is now a company in its own right, specializing in making environmentally conscious electric vehicles without compromise. We’re incredibly excited to be working with a company that is going out on a limb to do things differently, and is intent on taking the steps to make better cars for a better future.

If you’re into electric vehicles and the future of mobility, and want to be part of the conversation, be sure to follow SHIFT and get involved.

This article is brought to you by Polestar.It’s time to accelerate the  shift to sustainable  mobility . That is why Polestar combines electric driving with cutting-edge design and thrilling performance. Find out how .

Published August 3, 2020 — 14:00 UTC