Crux SQL

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We were pleased when Crux was included in the ThoughtWorks technology radar with a recommendation to assess :

Crux is an open-source document database with bitemporal graph queries…​ it’s currently in alpha and lacks SQL support, but you can use a Datalog query interface for reading and traversing relationships.

— ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

We are fans of Datalog and the power it gives. Although it’s not directly compatible and may drift out further, we’ve based our Datalog query API on Datomic’s , where Datalog is represented as a pattern-matching declarative data-structure.

Datalog is easy to construct and parse and it is natural to make use of custom predicates and rules as part of the logical pattern matching.

We love Datalog, but it’s also fair to say that a sizeable chunk of potential users will want to use SQL. Be it for users who want to run ad-hoc SQL queries without needing to know Datalog, or for integration between systems where SQL is the lingua franca, it’s important that we support it.