大壩建成24小時崩塌,印度的“豆腐渣”,又扯上了咱們... | 老外看中國

2019-09-13 03:58:47

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1、Amir Khan Jawa

Damn it! Look what we've done! Forty-two years of hard work will be destroyed in one day, and the Chinese will come to watch us again: Look, that's developed India!


2、Ganges admirer

I don't think it's a shame. In fact, every country has such "mistakes". Even Chinese architecture can't guarantee absolute stability. We should be more confident, my friend.


You know, China has always been jealous of India's achievements under Moody's leadership in recent years. Like an incompetent neighbor, they can only watch India go to greatness with their eyes open.


3、Shravan Rangarajan(回覆Ganges admirer)

Do you know what you're talking about? Who gives you confidence?


I lived in a Chinese village with a Chinese family for one month as part of a homestay program. I started my journey from Shanghai airport, and the entire stretch of road leading to the village was smooth, with no potholes, no litter, and not once did I see anyone driving their vehicle on the wrong side of the road, or see stray dogs and cattle hold up vehicles.


Every house in the village had an attached toilet, 24x7 electricity, and the houses all had modern appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, TV, Wi-Fi etc. And I had visited quite a few houses.


Every classroom in the village primary school had a TV which the teachers used to teach their students. The secondary school had Wi-Fi.


All the villagers wore helmets while riding their electric scooters. Every single one of them could read and write Mandarin, and none of them littered or spat or peed in the open.


The women all wore jeans, dresses, skirts etc. and no one judged them and shamed them for “aping the west”. What mattered was their ability, not what clothes they wore.


It was completely safe to wander around the village after dark. No one got harassed for their gender, nationality etc. None of the female participants in the homestay program ever mentioned that they felt uncomfortable, or were stared at by men for wearing shorts. None of us faced any racist taunts.


I’m not saying that China has no problems, but this Chinese village had better services than most Indian cities (we can still only dream of uninterrupted power supply, or 24x7 water, or pothole-free roads).


I cannot say with authority that all villages in China are like this, but I would wager that many of them are. The cities are of course in a different league. I stayed in the suburbs to the north of Shanghai for a few days, not a tourist area. 


The neighbourhoods were clean, with excellent roads, and footpaths were not cluttered by hawkers. People followed traffic rules. I went to a side street where there were stalls selling street food, and it was clean. No one littered, there was no garbage anywhere.


4、Shravan Rangarajan(回覆Shravan Rangarajan)

I have studied in China for five years. Yes, I can prove everything you said. I hate such people, those who can’t take any criticism of their country. The first step to solving a problem is admitting we have a problem. Yet, these overly patriotic trolls take it as a personal insult, and would rather pretend that the problem does not exist.


Love own country is nothing wrong. But some guys are crazy. I guess they have mental problems.


5、Amit Jodha

A wise and progressive dictator is the best thing that can happen to any country, and a selfish dictator is the worst.Giving power to poor people, and keeping them poor is worse than taking power from them and giving them a good life.

一個智慧有進取心的家長對於任何國家而言都是一個財富,而一個自私的家長才是最可怕的。給窮人權力但是讓窮人保持貧窮 與沒收窮人權力但是讓他們過上好生活(相比),肯定是後者更好。

Our central government has given full power to the local government, but what is the reward for us? A dam that collapsed in 24 hours?


6、Shambo Banerjee

I don't want to comment on the merits and demerits of politics, but Infrastructure wise …easily 30 years. If not more. I have had the opportunity to travel across China on work for 2 years now. 


I have even heard comments from our US team members. They opine that some cities in China are around 5 years ahead of US cities, infrastructure wise. Without any bias, civil infrastructure is in shambles in India compared to China . 


if set up in India, will start featuring in nationwide tourism brochures and touted as pride of nation. In China, they have several such structures in otherwise erstwhile unknown cities. 


Growth is not monolithic in China, as depicted in media sometimes. In regards to education, healthcare, employability (except spoken English), China is light years ahead of India. At our current rate, to catch up with China, India needs sustained quality growth of a minimum 10 percent for the next 10 to 15 years and China has to be stagnant if not self destruct itself.


7、Hemant Ghayal

If we consider China to be our enemy, then it is all the more important to know about it and be equally good (if not better) so as to be a worthy rival to it.


8、Jagadish Reddy(回覆Hemant Ghayal)

You're wrong,Of all the Chinese I know, few see India as China's rival.They are aiming to beat usa.. 


people in India also works hard but not all the people… BTW, I could see there is lot of change in our country but it will take 2 more decades to reach current average Chinese standards and it may take more time to develop city's like Shanghai …..so keep working hard and make India and urself proud :)



1、Derek Wu

We have never regarded India as an adversary, maybe never. We just want to create peace in East Asia and prosperity in East Asia with Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Of course, we welcome India's participation in this process, but everything is limited to good cooperation.


2、Shengyu Liu

We Chinese people really dislike this comparison, which is meaningless. Especially between China and India. I will explain why this will be meaningless from the three levels of economy, culture and politics.


A、China's GDP is very different from India's GDP. Obviously, China's GDP comes from the first and second industries. The GDP of this kind of goods is called effective GDP, which is different from the GDP. The GDP of the tertiary industry in the United States is obviously financial GDP. No positive benefits have been generated, asset prices have been pushed up, the polarization between the rich and the poor has been aggravated, and even the education and medical financialization have pushed up the cost of living. India’s GDP is often confusing. 


I have tried algorithms and statistical methods for translating India’s GDP with Google. However, the answer is frustrating and it is very confusing. Such GDP is clearly lacking in basis and persuasion, in my opinion.


B、 Chinese culture and Confucian culture have influenced the whole of East Asia and Vietnam. You will find that these countries are basically rich countries. Vietnam's GDP growth rate has exceeded 10% every year. This is a remarkable achievement. Although not entirely attributed to Confucian culture, the superiority of Confucian culture is obvious. However, I have not found decisive evidence that Indian culture is sufficient for modernization. 


In the Tang Dynasty 1,500 years ago, we were inspired by the Buddhist culture of Tianzhu, but that country was long destroyed by the Peacock Dynasty. Similarly, the Persian dynasty and the Roman Empire disappeared. Today's India is only a product of British colonial aggression. Although it is cruel, I don't think you have inherited the culture of the Peacock Dynasty.


C、Because of the advanced nature of our culture, we never care what kind of country Westerners divide into. All theories are just different ways of allocating resources. Although we often talk to Westerners about this problem, we never really believe it. 


There is no way. The right to speak in the global knowledge system is now in the hands of Westerners.


Therefore, I sincerely hope that Indians will carefully manage their country and make India rich. Don't always compare with our China, it makes no sense.


雖然,對於中國網友“Shengyu Liu”的三點看法老鐵並不完全贊同,但是對於其對於印度的最後一點建議,卻深以為然:






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