意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕

2019-05-27 11:56:57

2019於上個月落下帷幕。在這十天裡,義大利意柯那集團展臺上三款為“新移動”時代所準備的展品:Nucleus、京東自動駕駛貨運車、以及美團“福袋“室內樓宇送餐機器人受到了來自媒體、行業和觀眾的一系列關注和好評。今天,我們特地請到意柯那的全球設計總監Samuel Chuffart先生解讀這三款展品的設計理念及其背後的故事。(部分素材來源於意柯那2019上海車展釋出會演講稿)

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕

塞繆爾∙舒法先生 Samuel Chuffart 意柯那全球設計總監


Icona Nucleus

Icona Nucleus概念車是即將到來的L5級別全自動駕駛所帶來機遇與願景的集中體現。

The Icona Nucleus is a vision of the opportunity offered by the up-coming autonomous driving Level 5.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


This revolutionary concept vehicle demonstratesa paradigm shift for future mobility and has already been the source of inspiration for several other concepts which have followed its introduction in Geneva last year.


With a fully autonomous self-driving car, we can do so much more than today: it will take you to the airport, come back to pick up the kids from school then later take the grandparents to a doctor’s appointment. The car will spend much less time parked and will be much more usefully employed on the road. Whether for a family or a business, one car will replace several cars, and by nature will be an excellent place to be: its use and versatility will be directly reflected in the multiple possibilities of its interior design.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


The Icona Nucleus is a self-moving executive lounge, characterized by a long and curved side line highlighting an elegant dynamic sculpting and gently sweeping down towards its tail, elegant rather than sporty. On the upper part, the large glass protects and embraces its passengers, at the same time offering a stunning view of the outside. The upper glass from windscreen to the complete roof is asymmetrical, divided between fully transparent and semi-private glass, and giving a distinct visual cue that this vehicle is something truly different.


Its slick aerodynamic design has a full underbody diffuser and aerodynamic wheel arch blade extensions that bring the CX to just under 0.22.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕

Nucleus概念車的動力系統選用新能源領域最具前瞻性的輪轂電機技術,每個車輪上都裝載了一臺由合作伙伴Elaphe研發的L1500輪轂電機,使用Elaphe公司的輪轂電機技術,可提供110kW的最大功率,以及1500N.m的峰值扭矩。 為了更好的展現無人駕駛技術,禾多科技為車輛配備了目前已經較為成熟的感測器。

With Electric motor-in-wheel technology by Elaphe, and equipped the Bollore Battery coupled to a hydrogen range extender of 5.3 kg, the Nucleus has an autonomy of 1200 km. And to complete the collaboration, the Autonomous driving system is from Holomatic.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


Inside the interior of Nucleus we are all passengers, this is the chance to reconsider how we interact together: the focus is no longer the road but the journey.We no longer need to have every passengerlooking in one direction, like in a cinema!This kind of first class traveling lounge is not a foreign concept if we consider air travel.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


There is walk-in access through a single sliding door, helped by an “oyster opening” on the roof. Seats are tailored to provide multiple uses: the rear seat hugs the body and reclines, with individual speakers on its headrest, while the side table can retract, revealing an extra seating space. The middle seat is a large bench and can also transform into a couch. The front seat can both face the other passengers and turn towards to the front desk, to access a computer and refreshments. With screens, spaces and connections for laptops, even the shortest trip can be effectively used for business or leisure.


This is not too dissimilar to the Smart Phone, which changed what we consider a phone to be: doing a lot more with what seems in appearance to be less.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


To conclude: Nucleus reconsiders the way we live in our car, with an inspiration that has come as much from the Concorde airplane as from a yacht. A gliding speed form that travels elegantly through the landscapes of cities and countryside, and with an interior space that celebrates the journey and personal space, it changes the way we will travel forever.

02 京東自動駕駛貨運車 JD Autonomous Logistics Vehicle

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


JD Autonomous Logistics Vehicle is the first on road Level 4 autonomous logistic vehicle from JD and has been designed by Icona and developed together with JD and Chery New Energy.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


The design is simple, technical and yet friendly. Its seemingly symmetrical front and rear, together with lights on each corner,describea non-traditional automotive language. Rather than a directional design, it has a stable and agile attitude together with a non-threatening iconic identity, which is like no object in our urban landscape.


We wanted to bring a design that is approachable, not intimidating. Its light communication signature faces outwards rather than forwards: the intention is to provide an immediate and intuitive connection for the logistic personal and the people adjacent to the vehicle.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


At present, it is intended to operate within JD’s premises and cover the distance from JD warehouses to JingDong delivery stations and JD terminal delivery robots.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


In the future, a vehicle like this could be used on campuses, in industrial parks and other controlled private and public areas, and potentially also (after tomorrow) on public roads, starting with those roads with dedicated lanes.

03 美團“福袋”室內樓宇送餐機器人 Meituan Space-Pod


The Space-pod is a small autonomous delivery robot designed by ICONA for a leading Chinese O2O(Online-to-Offline) platform destinated to operate inside the service company Meituan.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


The Space-pod was first shown at CES in Las Vegas in January 2019 and today is its Chinese premiere.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


The Space-pod aspires to be a simple modern sculpture rather than a robot which is too personified. In the same way as modern art is making its presence felt in today’s architecture, we want AI to be an aesthetic yet non-obtrusive helper with a welcome presence.

意柯那設計總監Samuel Chuffart為你揭開三款展品前沿設計的奧祕


The Space-Pod is equipped with 3 separate drawer containers to help up to three receivers on each journey, and it communicates with sound and screen while using face recognition.